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Living in fast times like ours, flexibility, teamwork and good communications are the measure of all things. In order to be the partner you need, we have responded by creating a new panel Collection. These panels are in stock so that you can be assured we can respond quickly and efficiently and with short lead times. Despite the short lead times, you can still make your selection from a wide range of colours and decors. We compliment our panel collection with matching and contrasting edge band solutions. The panel thickness varies between 18 and 19 mm depending on colour.

Polygloss.SR | Polymatt.SR Woodbased sheet material

With this new technique a PET foil applied to a wood based panel. The gloss level is measured > 85 gloss, the matt level is measured at 6-9 Gloss. The foil is UV resistant and is in addition also highly abrasion resistant. This is not only a sales advantage but also during manufacture and installation as less demage occours. An LGA test certificate confirms all of these characteristics. In addition to offering board material we can also offer cutting and edging services with matching or contrasting edges. Boards are available in the sizes 2655/2800 x 1030 or 2100/2070 x 1250.


High gloss surface on MDF substrate, 2 faces in solid colour or decor. Panel dimensions depending on supplier 2800/2655 x 1030, 1250 x 2070/2100 mm (only 19 mm wood decor).

Panel thickness 19 mm, one side in gloss, 25 mm both sides in gloss.